Test table

Currently, the top-end of personal computers have a hashrate  (rate of solving cryptocurrency hashes) of about 10 GH/s. In comparison, the lower-end of specialized mining computers, aka ASIC miners, has 5000 GH/s hashrate.


Assuming your mining rig has 5000 GH/s or 5TH/s hashrate, let’s look at some of the most well-known PoW tokens:


Cryptocurrencies Approx. raw montly yield Approx. USD
BTC 0.000243 $16.04
BCH 0.040316 $16.20
LTC 587.462100 $49,416.40
KAS 8,792.755573 1,302.65
KDA 11.862535 $20.02


* With a very high supply, lesser tokens will lose value very fast.

* This is approximate revenue, the cost of hardware, and electricity is not counted

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